The curriculum that the Center uses is Creative Curriculum.  This curriculum framework allows for the coherent focus for planning children’s experiences in the classroom.  The curriculum is supplemented with the Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards for Young Children Birth to Age 5. These are the foundations established by the Indiana Department of Education and Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Family Resources, Bureau of Child Care.  These sources are used in conjunction with the Goals and Philosophies of the Center to achieve the desired outcomes.

Each classroom is structured according to NAEYC* accreditation guidelines. The room is arranged around a learning center, play based curriculum. The learning centers are divided into eight (8) categories, they are: Math, Science, Language, Art, Music, Dramatic Play, Circle and Gross Motor. The program offers new materials in each of the Centers based on the weekly theme. Some materials are a constant like glue, paint, scissors, paper, crayons/markers, etc. Other materials are rotated in and out like dress up clothes, puzzles, manipulative toys, dolls, books and etc, so that the children can experience a wide variety of these without being overwhelmed by too many choices. The environment is adapted and modified to meet the needs of the children in the classroom.  Regular assessments are conducted to make goals and check progress.

The program is based on child initiated learning. This type of learning is different from the old standard of teacher initiated learning. The children are presented with materials and allowed to explore them at there own pace and their own developmental level. Not every child will use the same materials in the same way and they are not limited by what they can do with the materials. For example, one child may use a plastic banana as a piece of fruit and another may use it as a telephone. Which student is using the item correctly? Both, one is just using it in a less conventional way than the other is.

The program we offer is “play” based, developmentally appropriate activities. The Center is not in the practice of using ditto sheets or work sheets as the principle teaching tools of the program. The child’s innate curiosity and need to know why... are the tools that we harness to teach everything from self-help skills to how gravity works. 

Multicultural activities, pictures, materials and games are part of our curriculum. The Center is celebrating the differences among people in our community as well as the ways in which all people are alike. Teachers are providing children with materials that depict the variety of colors and textures that appear in the world today. The Center will also discuss many of the religious customs and holidays of cultures around the world.  Parents are rigorously encouraged to participate in the portion of the curriculum, especially when first hand experiences can be passed on to the children.

*NAEYC is the Nation Association for the Education of Young Children. This is a national organization that provides strict guidelines for quality childcare and education through their accreditation process. For more information see or call 1-800-424-2460.


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