Illness and Medication Policy


As a State Licensed Center we are expected to follow the regulation set down by the State concerning children that are ill (470 IAC 3-4.1-11(a)). The Center must protect the children from the transmission of any communicable diseases at all times. If your child is deemed ill, then you will be expected to pick them up or make arrangements for someone else to pick them up. At this time we are unable to provide sick childcare.

A child may be refused admittance to the Center if our staff determines the child is ill, has a possible communicable disease or condition or has a fever. If a child is sent home with a fever, they may not be readmitted to the Center for 24 hours after the fever has broken. Such exclusion is recommended for the welfare of the other children and staff. Please contact the Center’s office with information about any communicable disease or condition, so that we may inform you of any additional documentation or testing which may be required before we may allow your child to return.

Any child having any of the conditions listed below will be considered ill and will not be admitted to the Center or will be sent home.

    A child is considered ill if any of the following symptoms appear:
    • child does not feel well enough to participate comfortably with the class
    • staff cannot care for a child without interfering with the care of the other children
    • child has a fever of 100 degrees under the arm *
    • neck pain when the child moves their head **
    • child has stiff neck or severe headache **
    • child has seizure for the first time **
    • child is acting unusually confused *
    • child has an undiagnosed rash **
    • child has more than 2 episodes of diarrhea *
    • child vomits *
    • child exhibits pain in urination or defecation **
    • Parasitic conditions (i.e. lice***, scabies, ringworm etc...)
    • cold with fever, respiratory infections, or viral infection

All parents will be notified of significant occurrences, problems or exposure to communicable diseases. If your child becomes ill while at the facility, the staff will move your child to the office.Once in the office your child will be made comfortable on a cot with their own nap blankets and pillow, if possible. If the staff suspects that your child had a communicable disease, then your child will still go to the office, but the office will be closed to avoid further infection of others. If your child has been exposed to communicable disease outside of the facility, then please call the office within 24 hours to report this occurrence.

* Child may not be readmitted to the Center for 24 hours
** Child will not be readmitted to the Center until medical attention has been received
 *** In cases of head lice the Center has a no nit policy. All nits must be removed before re-admittance is allowed.


    If a child needs to take medication during the Center’s hours, the State requires that a family adhere to the following instructions to allow the Center to administer the medication (470 IAC 3-4.1-11(2) (d)):
    • The medicine must have the original prescription label, in the original container with dispensing instructions. The Center may not give prescription medicine, unless it is accompanied by a doctor’s statement or prescription label. The medication’s dosage instructions must be written out clearly. A doctor’s statement is necessary when sample medication has been dispensed. (All previous precautions are necessary to prevent overdosing or improper dosing)
    • Arrange the schedule of medication so the Center gives the medication as few times as possible.
    • Definition of medication: anything that is administered to a child to treat an already existing condition (i.e. diaper rash, infection, and colds). If medication is meant to be a preventative, then the Center can administer it (i.e. Desitin or Vaseline) without a Doctor’s note.
    • Must give parent’s written consent to give the medication.  A Record of Medication Order is filled out by the parents and / or the physician if a pharmacy label does not accompany the medication (a prescription written on a legal prescription pad is acceptable).
    • Over the counter medication may be given by standing order from a health car professional if details of specific circumstances are given along with specific instructions for individual dosing of the medication.
    • All mediation must have a current expiration date.
    • All medication is kept in a locking container while being stored at the facility.

The Center will work with children who use nebulizer machines. With proper instruction and a physician’s prescription, the Center will administer the medication.

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