The educational program of Cradles to Crayons Childcare and Learning Center allows each child to grow individually at his or her own pace and keeping in mind their own cultural background. The Center’s curriculum will be planned appropriately for the age span of the children within the group. The program will provide inclusion for all children with attention to the differences and / or special needs in each child according to their interests and developmental level. The Center’s environment will be learning center based with a variety of activities, materials and equipment from which to choose. The Center’s goal is to provide individual attention to each child to ensure that their own unique needs and developmental stages are met using a child-initiated approach.

    The objectives are:
  1. To provide a wide variety of activities and materials from which to choose using rotation techniques to keep interest sparked.
  2. To offer the children a choice to participate in small group or in an independent activity.
  3. To help the child achieve positive self-esteem, keeping cultural diversity in mind.
  4. To provide the child with the avenues to express their own creativity.
  5. To provide a safe and healthy environment, including nutrition, fire safety and hygiene practices.
  6. To create an environment that makes your child feel confident about his or her own autonomy, yet fosters social relationships with their peers.
  7. To encourage activities that will strengthen a child’s recognition cause and effect events.
  8. To establish a firm foundation to develop learning skills, such as Math, Science, Language, Art and Conceptual Learning.
  9. To help the child learn to respect the rights and feelings of others.
  10. To strengthen the role of each parent as the most important mainstay of the child’s life, by offering support, guidance and referrals.
  11. To increase the parent’s acceptance of the child as a growing and a developing individual, needing love and acceptance from their parents.
  12. To use hands-on learning approach by involving our many different learning centers well supplied with actual objects rather than pictures or imitations. For example: Science/Math skills are developed with sand & water experiments, with manipulative or puzzles. The workbench will develop skills such as fine motor coordination, hand-eye coordination and logic skills.
  13. To provide an environment that includes all areas of development - physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills.
  14. To expose children to the differences among people. To celebrate and respect the different backgrounds and cultural experiences each family represents.
  15. The ultimate objective of the Center is to provide a place where children and families are the first priority. The Center will form a partnership with families to provide a quality program that maintains the integrity of the family.


  1. Offers a loving environment, with a structured schedule that promotes a well-rounded environment for children to learn and feel comfortable with their unique abilities.
  2. The Center supplements the family by giving more options and tangible assistance in child rearing.
  3. In addition to academic readiness, children will learn by exploring and manipulating their environment.
    • The well-designed program provides many opportunities for learning:
    • Gross motor skills - a large area indoors and outdoors designed for vigorous activity using the large muscle groups.
    • Skills they may develop are: working on balance, throwing, catching, hand eye coordination and safety. The environment provides children with the chance to make decisions about their own abilities and offer a chance to practice them. Science/Math - learning about relationships among physical objects, space and self. Children need to be able to participate in manipulating objects in their environment in order to learn about the nature of their world.
    • Reading/Story time - children are able to listen to language being used to - solve problems, express feelings, deal with fears and use logic to predict a story line. Labels are placed throughout the classroom and are used to develop pre-reading and prewriting skills. Labels also allow exposure to the written word in many languages. Books are located in all of the learning centers of the classroom to promote literacy.
    • Dramatic Play - a time for children to use their social skills to role play many real life themes or work through difficult social stages without the constraints normally placed on them by society. The planning of this is center is integrated into the theme of study for the class and materials are rotated to accommodate their interests.
    • Blocks – children gain basic concepts of math and science by using different types of building materials. They use materials such as wooden blocks, Lego blocks, soft blocks and natural materials (i.e. wooden branches, sticks, and rocks) to construct towers, buildings and any structure their imagination can design.
  4. The program offers a richness of environments to stimulate the child while making modifications to ensure access to the curriculum for all children.
  5. The program develops effective communication between staff and parents.
  6. The program shows initiative and resourcefulness. It is adaptable to the individual needs of each child on an individual basis.
  7. The program accepts and appreciates the children’s cultures, family values, experiences and customs.
  8. The program provides for the health, safety and protection of the children.
  9. The program meets the physical needs of the child (nutrition, rest, active play and toileting).
  10. The program effectively assesses the child’s development and integrates it with curriculum goals and objectives to support individualized learning.
  11. The program uses the Foundations to the “Indiana Academic Standards for Young Children from Birth to Age 5” as a basis for providing standard experiences within the Center.
  12. The program strives to attain the child and family outcome of each family and student having a positive learning experience while in the care of our facility.
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